Listen to your favorite WRFL DJ anywhere, any time.

Meet the DJs

What is WRFLgroove?

WRFLgroove is a web application that allows users to access the music of the University of Kentucky's radio station (WRFL) at any time. Each DJ has their own page on WRFLgroove, and any track they play that is available on Grooveshark is able to be reached there.

How does it work?

Once an hour, on the hour, WRFLgroove scrapes the WRFL playlist page and returns a list of recently played songs. Each list contains the time each song was played, as well as the artist, album, and song name as well as the DJ who played it. After a bit of housekeeping with the formatting, each of these lists is inserted as a row into the database. Then, using the Tinysong API, Grooveshark links to all available songs are produced.

Why is there so little music on here?

One reason is that WRFL's stance on playing only alternative music necessarily limits the percentage of their songs that are available from streaming music services. This is one important reason that WRFLgroove is not a substitute for tuning in to WRFL, but merely a supplement to help listeners find music they would have otherwise missed.

In addition, the songs available on WRFLgroove only include those played since March 12, 2013, when the site first reached a workable form. Since I am limited to 32 Tinysong API requests each hour, I won't be able to add older songs from WRFL's substantial archives.

What's next?

Here are some things still in the works for WRFLgroove:

  • Spotify playlist support
  • Alternate layouts for mobile devices and high resolutions
  • Tagging system for DJs
  • Youtube or Soundcloud links for songs not available on Grooveshark

How can I support WRFLgroove?

This website and its source code are free to use for any purpose. The best way to support WRFLgroove is to support WRFL! It's been running non-stop for 25 years, and you can tune in any time at 88.1 FM if you're local, or drop in on their live stream.

For questions, bug reports, or feature requests, you may email me at nathan.andrew.carter@gmail.com.